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In Virginia, after 3 years, public school teachers receive what's commonly called "tenure," a special employment protection that teachers unions defend. As the below federal statistics indicate, tenured teachers (as opposed to less-senior "probationary" teachers) are practically impossible to fire.

Experienced teacher firing rate
Probationary teacher firing rate
private school teacher firing rate (national)
Source: Data obtained from the Students and Staffing Survey

Statewide Unions

NEA Union

Virginia Education Association
Total Revenue: $15,316,898

Largest Non-Statewide Unions

Union Name / District Affiliation Total Revenue
Virginia Beach Education Association
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
  NEA $247,695

Other Unions

Name City Total Revenue Tax Period
Virginia education association inc Richmond $15,316,898 2007
Virginia education association Fairfax $1,683,921 2007
American federation of teachers Springfield $1,368,349 2008
Virginia education association inc Richmond $1,137,485 2008
American federation of teachers Norfolk $1,119,713 2008
Richmond educational association Richmond $1,102,457 2008
Virginia education association Norfolk $520,786 2007
Loudoun education association Lansdowne $495,651 2008
Prince william education assoc inc Manassas $403,000 2008
Arlington education association Falls church $369,569 2008
Source: Data obtained from the Internal Revenue Service's Master Data File 2008-2009.
Source: Public Records Requests conducted by the Center for Union Facts.

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